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Bowser and the Koopa Staff, a two-part episode, is the fourth and fifth episode in the first season.


Part 1Edit

Bowser was still trying to get through the brick wall that Mario put in front of Peach's Castle. He later hosted a meeting with his three minions. Koopas destroyed the Mario Bros.' house, and Boo sneaked behind Luigi and scared Luigi. Goomba put on a headband, did exercises, and charged at Mario, only to be stomped on.

Koopa and Boo reported to Bowser, but Bowser realized that Goomba did not come, so he called another Goomba from an underground room and brought it to the meeting. Bowser then led Boo to the wall and ordered him to kidnap Peach. Boo floated through the wall, and scared a Toad who was making Peach's bed. He then found Peach on the phone, so he left the room. At Boo's news, Bowser, infuriated, went to his room.

Later, Bowser was testing a staff that makes things disappear. He used it on the brick wall, and it disappeared. Then he was able to kidnap Peach again. Mario, hearing Peach's cry, started his song again, but Luigi stopped him. Luigi was later captured by Bowser, and he and Luigi disappeared due to the power of the staff. Mario heard about it, and decided to get him back by getting an extra life. It worked. However, they fell off a cliff, and Mario, with only one life, was pushed off the cliff by a Goomba, causing them to both to go to the Underwhere.

Part 2Edit

Mario and Luigi, now in the Underwhere, were suddenly surrounded by two evil floating hands. They believed the plumbers were food, and the chase began. Mario found Bowser's staff,  which sent him back to the overworld. Bowser met up with Koopa, and decided that he has done a great job, which is the good news. The bad news: Yoshi got crushed by Peach's cage, and possibly lost a life.


  • This is the first episode to be split into several parts.
  • This episode continues from where A Day in the Life of Mario left off.