Mario's Quest is the sixth episode and the first movie.


At 5:30, Bowser steals Peach forever, and puts a generator near the moon. Later, when Mario and Luigi wake up, they notice Peach is missing, and go in a pipe to save her.

Mario and Luigi are now underground, find a hammer, and battle the Goombas. Afterwards, they get the star. At 6:30,  Goomba comes back and attacks Peach, but Peach says no and Goomba cries.

Mario and Luigi take Yoshi, arrive at the Dry Dry Inn, with Wario dressed as a mummy, and he and Waluigi steal Luigi. Koladero, a friendly Koopa, helps Mario and Yoshi get Luigi back, get the second star, but then (just like Bowser's factory), the pyramid collapses, and Bowser explains that Peach and him are still friends.

Now at the Mushroom Express, Mario and Luigi get into the train, and live in room 2. They go to other rooms, including the engine room, but the Bob-Omb tells them what they're doing is rude. Later, the chef screams the driver is missing, and the Bob-Omb suggests the quiet one (the Toad) did it. They go to the engine room. Mario finds a grenade while Luigi finds a zipper. They go to the Bob-Omb's room (room 3), and he tells him that it's an instant transquilliser grenade, which causes people to sleep immeadiatly. They look for more clues. Mario and Luigi find the driver, who tells them the culprit turned out to be a Koopa, and it turns out that the Toad (the quiet one) WAS a Koopa, and the driver explains what happened. However, the Mushroom Express train falls over a cliff, but Koopa survives the fall and goes back to the castle.

Now at Boo's Mansion, Mario and Luigi go inside, however, Mario is kidnapped by Boo. It took a long time for Luigi to look for him, and defeated Boo and saved Mario. Later, Bowser sees that Mario IS getting the stars, which is GOOD, since THEY'RE the bad guys.

Mario and Luigi then return to their house. Toad had turned both the house and Peach's bed into a rocket. Mario and Luigi then travel to Bowser's Castle. Luigi finds a shooting star item along the way. Meanwhile at Bowser's Castle, Bowser is upset that the final star is missing. He makes both Wario and Waluigi take the generator to the control room. He sends Boo and Goomba to their posts. Mario and Luigi reach Bowser's Castle. A Toad locked up in a cell (which is made of mega blocks) warns them to watch out. A Hammer Bro. shows up but the Mario takes him out. The Hammer Bro. drops the key to the cell. The Toad turns out to be the owner of Dry Dry Inn. He gives the brothers another Hammer and a Peekaboo badge.  Whacka shows up in Bowser's Castle. He meets Peach and Goomfrey. Whacka kills himself when he tries to save Peach and Goomfrey from a Boomerang Bro. Mario and Luigi travel through the castle. Wario takes a bag of gold pieces from Bowser's room. When the brothers arrive at Bowser's room they find the final star missing. Wario escapes with the bag and steals Mario's house to leave the castle. The Mario Bros. find Peach and Goomfrey. Peach protects Goomfrey. Koopa swings down and collects Peach. Boo who was with him disapears. They then travel to the control room. Bowser realized that Goomfrey was not loyal to him. A RPG battle starts. After a while Bowser takes Peach from Koopa and they both touch the generator. This causes everything to turn to stone. They then recite the lines of the tablet with an extra line added. "When purest good and coldest evil are brought together on the brightest full moon their power lets them turn any of their enemies to stone. The evil one must disperse the stars as...Only their combined affects can stop them. The hero must unit them all at the weopon and before it is to late." Yoshi then emerges from the pyramid with the final star. He uses Peach's bed to reach Bowser's Castle. He throws the fifth star at the generator. This causes Bowser to fall out the window. Bowser's Castle then starts to maulfunction. They use Peach's bed as a getaway and throw the generator into a bottomlees pit. Bowser then discovers Wario with the bag of gold and attacks. Later Mario acn company are joined together at Whacka's funeral. As they leave Luigi discovers his grave. Meanwhile in the sky Whacka finds his parents. A party is held at Peach's castle. Afterward the credits scroll. At the end a picture of all the plush used to make the film are there.

Transcription (Part 4)Edit

Mario: Hmm. 

Driver: All aboard! Hi, are you boarding the Mushroom Express?

Mario: Oh, yeah!

Driver: Then, get on the next carriage! Quickly, now!

Mario: Hmm.

Luigi: Wow. Nice.


  • This episode is VERY long.
  • It is impossible for the moon to be out at 5:30 at noon. 
  • This is the first episode where the characters speak English.
  • The Mushroom Express is basiclly three Wooden Railway cars. 
  • When Luigi remembers the clues and what the passengers said, the driver's line is in the engine room, not room 5.
  • This is the first time Mario is seen with Boo.